Listening and developing for 50 years

June 3, 2019
Woodburn-based company gradually built up from founder’s garage in 1969 to an employer of 150 today.

Listening and developing for 50 years

Specialty Polymers ( President and CEO Sheryl Southwell has a lot to reflect upon as the Woodburn-based company celebrates 50 years in business –1969-2019 – this year.
But a considerable amount of that reflection precedes the business, musing back to the conditions her father, Raymond Southwell, negotiated through early in his life before ultimately founding and developing the framework for what Specialty Polymer is today.
Specialty employs 150 workers between two locations; the Woodburn facilities and an east-coast facility established in 2005 in Chester, S.C. But the business that serves customers worldwide had humble beginnings in Raymond’s West Salem garage, above which was young Sheryl’s bedroom.


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Credit: Justin Much, Woodburn Independent



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