For 50 years Specialty Polymers has been a leader in paper coating and inkjet printing polymers. Cationic coating systems are ideal for specialty coated paper. These polymers offer water resistance, good aging properties, gloss, and may be used as the primary binder or additive.

Product Type Weight-Solids pH Tg
Particle Size Acid # Weight Per Gallon
RayCat 105 Cationic acrylic emulsion polymer 43% 5.7 23°C 21°C 0.15 microns n/a 8.8 lbs/gal
RayCat 100 Cationic acrylic emulsion polymer 42% 6.5 1°C 0°C 0.18 microns n/a 8.6 lbs/gal
RayCat 82 Cationic vinyl acrylic emulsion polymer 40% 4.5 23°C 6°C 0.24 microns n/a 8.6 lbs/gal