Interior Wall

Water-based latex is ideal for architectural interior walls. We offer resins for Low-VOC and Low-Odor formulations.

Interior wall paint must provide scrub and stain resistance, hiding properties, and easy application. Specialty Polymers helps our customers meet the most demanding requirements for interior wall applications.

Product Type Solids % pH Tg MFFT Particle Size
RayVace® 674 All-Purpose Vinyl Acrylic 55% 4.6 22°C 7°C 0.28 micron
RayVace® 684 Vinyl Acrylic Emulsion Polymer 55% 4.8 15°C 1°C 0.28 microns
RayVace® 331 Vinyl Acrylic Copolymer 60% 4.5 21°C 10°C 0.31 microns