Concrete Polymers

Concrete is used in interior and exterior commercial, industrial, and infrastructure applications due to its durability and artistic appeal.

Proper curing and sealing are essential in ensuring the life of concrete materials, whether it’s for decorative or protective applications. Specialty Polymers, Inc., has 50 years of experience with producing water based acrylic chemistries used in construction and building products. We offer innovative acrylic technology to enhance the performance of concrete in cement admixtures, or in sealers and topcoats. Our products provide efflorescence and alkali resistance, durability, stain and chemical resistance, hot-tire dirt pick up, adhesion, color and gloss retention while balancing cost effectiveness. To help our customers meet their needs, we always stive to be innovative, responsive, and flexible.

Product Type Solids % pH Tg MFFT Particle Size
RayVace® 692 Polyvinyl acrylic/vinyl versatate 55% 5.2 18°C 5°C 0.18 microns
RayCryl® 1008 100% Acrylic Emulsion 45 9.0 22/98°C 16°C 0.09 microns
RayCryl® 709 Self-crosslinking core-shell Acrylic 48% 8.6 26°C 22°C 0.08 microns
RayCryl® 1006 Acrylic Emulsion Polymer 43% 8.2 27°C 12°C 0.09 microns
RayCryl® 1001 Acrylic Emulsion Polymer 46% 7.0 38°C 36°C 0.11 microns
RayCryl® 4124 Acrylic Emulsion Polymer 47% 7.0 64°C 69°C 0.09 microns
RayCryl® 1526 100% Acrylic Emulsion Polymer 50% 8.5 25°C 9°C 0.20 microns
RayKote® 1610 Styrene Acrylic Emulsion Polymer 50% 9.0 20°C 7°C 0.13 microns

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