These days the importance of coatings is anything but superficial.

Customers rely on Specialty Polymers’ custom polymer chemistry to incorporate and calibrate a near-infinite combination of performance assets into substrates as diverse as wood, concrete, masonry, metal, and textiles. These custom coatings take the form of primers and sealers, topcoats and additives, adhesive bases and admixtures, and many more, each bringing together any of dozens of performance requirements: low VOC, UV and water resistance, adhesion, fast cure, color, and gloss retention, low-temperature flexibility, good aging properties — examples that only scratch the surface of what’s possible.

One thing is for sure: even a small offset to an existing polymer can make a big difference in your product’s performance, desirability, and competitiveness. This kind of modification is a problem for most suppliers, but for Spec Poly it’s routine.

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