From premium
to masking tape, from water
and grease resistance to shelf-life-extending chemistry,
needn’t settle for a stock coating.

Paper Coatings

Polymers optimized for the papermaking process are almost as diverse as paper itself. They should be customized to the machines and their flow velocities, furnishes, wet and dry strengths, bursting and tensile strengths and myriad other manufacturing and end product properties desired. Without due consideration, chemicals that improve one part of the process can easily degrade something else down the line.

Specialty Polymers is experienced at working closely with papermakers to design chemistries such as our cationic acrylic polymers to achieve overall product improvement, cost-reduction and environmental goals, and to test, calibrate and make iterative advancements in a systematic and collaborative process. 

Product Type Solids % pH Tg MFFT Particle Size
RayCat® 105 Cationic acrylic emulsion polymer 43% 5.7 23°C 21°C 0.15 microns
RayCat® 100 Cationic acrylic emulsion polymer 42% 6.5 1°C 0°C 0.18 microns
RayCat® 82 Cationic vinyl acrylic emulsion polymer 40% 4.5 23°C 6°C 0.24 microns