You specify strength, elasticity, cure

damping capacity, solvent resistence, temperature
and more … and we formulate to fit.

Adhesive Polymers

One thing adhesives can’t cling to is the past: the science of thermoplastic and thermosetting polymer adhesives is continually evolving and fine-tuning itself to fit ever more precisely defined applications and conditions.

Thanks to their strength, fast cure times and workability, our adhesives are highly prized among manufacturers intent on lean production principles that reduce line and assembly times, save costs and put money in the bank. You do not have to compromise on quality by settling for a limited choice of “good,” “better” or “best” product options when you team up with Specialty Polymers to obtain the best of all specifications for your proprietary advantage.

Product Type Solids % pH Viscosity (cps)
RayBond® 47115 Vinyl Acetate Homopolymer 55% 4.5 3,000 cps (#5/50 rpm)
RayBond® 232 Vinyl Acetate Homopolymer 55% 5.0 1,800 cps #4/50 rpm
Product Type Solids % pH Viscosity (cps)
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