Our architectural and industrial polymers cover a lot of ground — as well as walls, roofs, textiles and paper for all kinds of applications.

Whether you’re trying to improve the corrosion of a metal coating in the construction business…looking for a more effective barrier on concrete… or aiming to achieve a better combination of adhesion and dry time in a graphic arts application – it’s well within the range of what Specialty Polymers does every day.

These days your business may lean toward polymer emulsions for their environmental advantages — but you can’t afford to compromise on performance or durability characteristics once achieved by solvent-based chemistries. If so, that’s one of many good reasons to give us a call, whatever market you serve, including:

Our ever-expanding capabilities include polymers made with APEO-free surfactants and emulsions that help reduce overall VOCs in formulated coatings. Working directly with our customers, we’re developed emulsions that replace traditional coatings with more environmentally responsible versions. Whether the issue is rust, moisture, emissions, odors, heat, cold, rough treatment, or just being average, our coatings will help you come out on top.