WD-2820 Technical Bulletin

Emulsion Adhesive

WD-2820 is a unique two-part crosslinking wood adhesive specifically designed for use in millwork applications such as RF edge gluing and heat set-veneer laminating. Once properly catalyzed with C-100Y or C-237, WD-2820 provides an unprecedented level of water resistance for an emulsion adhesive.

Mixing Instructions

Using a mixer that will develop a slight vortex, begin agitating WD-2820 and slowly add 5% catalyst by weight to the vortex. Continue mixing for five minutes. Catalyst level may vary slightly depending on application.

Key Features
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Requires the use of catalyst C-100Y or C-237
WD-2820 Typical Physical Properties
Polymer Type Emulsion Adhesive
Weight Solids 49%
Viscosity (Brookfield Model RVT) 3,000 cps, #5/50rpm
pH 4.8
Min. Use Temp Catalyst C-100Y (5% by wt) 70°F
Catalyst C-237 (5% by wt) 60°F
Weight per gallon 9.35 lbs/gal
Storage Life 3 months at 70°F
Freeze thaw stability Do Not Freeze
Catalyzed Pot Life Catalyst C-100Y (5% by wt) >48 hours at 70°F
Catalyst C-237 (5% by wt) 4 hrs at 70°F
WD-2820 Typical Performance Properties
ANSI/HPVA HP-1-1994 Type I
NWWDA I.S. 1-A-97 Type I
ASTM D5751-95 Wet Use
ASTM D5751-95 Wet Use
ASTM D4317-94 Type I

If any product is defective in workmanship or materials, Specialty Polymers, Inc. will replace the product. The information contained in this Technical Bulletin is intended to be a guideline. It is offered in good faith, but without guarantee. We recommend users of the product perform their own testing to determine the suitability of the product in their application.