RayFlex® 552

Acrylic Polymer

RayFlex 552 is a soft acrylic polymer designed for blending with cement to produce flexible concrete.  When combined with the high alkalinity of hot concrete, coatings formulated with RayFlex 552 create waterproof cementaceous coatings and patching compounds.

Key Features
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Outstanding flexibility and elongation
RayFlex® 552 Typical Physical Properties
Polymer Type Acrylic Emulsion Polymer
Weight Solids 60%
Viscosity (Brookfield Model RVT) 170 cps, #2/100 rpm
pH 8.5
Tg (MDSC) -31°C
MFFT (ASTM D-2354) <0°C
Particle size (Mean) 0.36 microns
Surfactant charge Anionic
Weight per gallon 8.6 lbs/gal
Freeze thaw stability Do Not Freeze
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