RayCryl 1850

Acrylic Emulsion

RayCryl 1850 is a self-crosslinking, 100% acrylic emulsion polymer designed for textile applications such as foam, pad, spray, knife, and roller coatings. RayCryl 1850 exhibits medium flexible free film that produces medium hand with excellent strength. It has good compatibility with melamine to enhance durability. RayCryl 1850 prodides outstanding pigment compatibility and pigment binding capacity that can be used in deep color applications.

Key Features
  • Self-crosslinking and carboxyl group
  • Medium flexible free film
  • Accepts high filler loading
  • Excellent foamer
  • Outstanding UV resistance and film clarity
RayCryl 1850 Typical Physical Properties
Polymer Type Acrylic Emulsion Polymer
Weight Solids 45%
Viscosity (Brookfield Model RVT) 250 cps, #2/100 rpm
pH 4.5
Tg (MDSC) -11°C
MFFT (ASTM D-2354) N/A
Particle size (Mean) 0.20 microns
Surfactant charge Anionic
Weight per gallon 8.60 lbs/gal
Freeze thaw stability Do Not Freeze
RayCryl 1850 Typical Performance Properties

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