RayBond 67143

Polyvinyl Acetate Homopolymer

RayBond 67143 is a freeze/thaw capable PVOH stabilized polyvinyl acetate homopolymer that can be used as a starting point for adhesive formulating. RayBond 67143 can be formulated into white glues, wood adhesives, packaging adhesives and paper laminating adhesives.

Key Features

Passes 5 cycles of freeze/thaw

Suitable for formulation of adhesives for: ​

  • Edge Gluing (cold)
  • General Assembly
  • HPL to Particleboard
  • Paper/Packaging
RayBond 67143 Typical Physical Properties
Polymer Type Vinyl Acetate Homopolymer
Weight Solids 52%
Viscosity (Brookfield Model RVT) 5,500 cps (#6/50 rpm)
pH 5.0
Min. Use Temp 60°F
Tg (MDSC) 40°C
MFFT (ASTM D-2354) 20°C
Particle size (Mean) 2.5 microns
Surfactant charge Nonionic
Weight per gallon 9.2 lbs/gal
Freeze thaw stability Passes 5 Cycles
RayBond 67143 Typical Performance Properties
ASTM D5751-95 Dry use
ASTM D5751-95 Dry use
ASTM D5572-94 Dry Use
ASTM D4317-94 Type III

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