in your business is a moving target. So
always aiming a
bit ahead.

A company will always emphasize quality over quantity when its driving ambition the best, not the biggest. A company that puts product ahead of profit will always be open to aggressive R&D, and to the pursuit of new ideas.

At Specialty Polymers, we’re proud to let our customers testify to our passion for innovation — which by its nature is inseparable from our culture of collaboration among our teams and with our customers.

That collaborative framework begins with assigning both a chemist and a sales associate to team with customers and with each other on every project. That means you’ll work with a synergy of specialists in polymer chemistry, business, and marketing — specialists who are able to talk the language of your scientists, executives, and marketing pros. 

Specialty Polymers is able to attract top talent because we’re looking to make new things and better things every day. We aggressively fund research. We invest in facilities and technologies.

And we support strategic ventures like our Roo Glue® line of wood glues and adhesives — used by some of the largest plywood and door manufacturers in the world along with general consumers and hobbyists — and our Torzo® family of visually stunning and supremely durable architectural surfaces sourced largely from salvaged and renewable materials.

So, give us a call: Our next breakthrough may begin with you spelling out whatever offset or original polymer you have in mind.

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