RayVace 692

RayVace 692 Vinyl Acrylic/Vinyl Versatate Terpolymer Developed for concrete coatings with alkali resistance, RayVace 692 is a polyvinyl acrylic emulsion enhanced with vinyl versatate creating a highly branched polymer which exhibits excellent resistance to water, alkaline substances, and efflorescence. Coatings formulated with RayVace … Continued

RayCryl 1008

RayCryl 1008 Self-crosslinking 100% Acrylic Core Shell Emulsion Developed for concrete sealer applications, RayCryl 1008 is a self-crosslinking core shell acrylic polymer providing excellent dirt pick-up, hot tire, and chemical resistance while meeting stringent VOC requirements. The unique properties of RayCryl … Continued

RayCryl 709

RayCryl 709 Self-crosslinking All-Acrylic Emulsion RayCryl 709 is a self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion designed for low VOC coatings, sealers, and stains on wide range of substrates. Its unique core-shell technology provides good water resistance and hardness with low coalescent demand. It … Continued

RayCryl 1006

RayCryl 1006 100% Self-Crosslinking Acrylic Polymer RayCryl 1006 is a 100% self-crosslinking, ultra low VOC, acrylic emulsion polymer with excellent resistance to water blushing, chemical, and hot tire stains. Designed for use in exterior and interior cement surfaces as well … Continued

RayCryl 4124

RayCryl 4124 RayCryl 4124 is an acrylic, self-crosslinking acrylic designed for concrete and wood applications. It has good hot wet block resistance as a concrete sealer and excellent chemical and scratch resistance.

RayCryl 1526

RayCryl 1526 100% Acrylic Emulsion RayCryl 1526 is an APEO-free, 100% acrylic emulsion polymer designed for both interior and exterior trim enamel applications. It exhibits high gloss, good color acceptance and excellent rheology response. RayCryl 1526 provides excellent adhesion to … Continued