Big enough for big-league business. Small enough for the personal touch.

Specialty Polymers’ production and storage facilities, as well as our packaging and shipping capabilities, are continually expanding in response to customer needs.

Here’s a recent snapshot:

  • Production and R&D facilities in Chester, SC and Woodburn, OR
  • More than 100,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and warehouse capacity
  • 20 reactors ranging from 30 to 6,000 gal. capacities
  • >250 million lbs. annual capacity
  • >1 million lbs. bulk finished goods storage
  • Bulk monomer and ammonia storage
  • Fully equipped polymer synthesis labs
  • Fully equipped applications/formulations labs
  • Pail, drum, tote, tank wagon, and railcar packaging options

Thanks to our resources, relationships, and rules of doing business, Spec Poly consistently achieves the fastest lead times in the industry. We have no order minimums. We will never discontinue your product and will always strive to fulfill your orders even in times of raw material shortages. And our most important resources, namely our expert laboratory, sales, and customer service teams, are always at hand for a personal conversation.