Our focus is on adding
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Call Specialty Polymers during working hours and you’ll never be tossed into the rabbit hole of an automated answering system. That’s typical of the fact that we are set up to engage, listen, and collaborate from the moment you call.

We assign both a technical specialist and a sales specialist to every project. Whether you’re a formulation chemist, product designer, CEO or CFO, you can talk with someone who knows your language and understands your concerns. This “dynamic duo” approach facilitates customer collaboration and enables inventive solutions that might not otherwise bubble up.

We continually invest in rounding out our line card of polymer product families — acrylic copolymers, cationic polymers, epoxy acrylics, hybrid technologies and more — not to sell off-the-shelf but to readily adapt to your specific needs.  That’s one reason we offer the fastest lead times in the industry.

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