We are catalysts of change, enabling innovation while keeping our core values intact.

Calcification is a chemical reaction we take great strides to avoid. We credit our 50+ years of growth to keeping our eyes on the future, being responsive to our customers and anticipating their needs.

When Ray Southwell founded Specialty Polymers in 1969, he built the business on the vast potential of polymer chemistry and what the chemistry of smart and dedicated people can accomplish. As a family-owned company, that’s still in our DNA. We continue to abide by three bedrock values that keep our reflexes honed and our innovation high:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Respect for one another, for our customers, and suppliers
  • Dedication to learning and to trying new things

That’s our simple formula for staying flexible, responsive, and responsible. 

So when large corporations can only offer one product with no flexibility, we offer customized solutions to your applications and your formulation.