Over 50 years, we’ve built on new customer and market expectations to expand across the board.

Our growth over the years has been a covalent process, with Spec Poly and its customers sharing in each other’s success. We couldn’t have one without the other. We’ve kept a small, family-owned culture even as we’ve grown – we consider our employees, customers, and suppliers part of the family, too.

Ray Southwell be Specialty Polymers in Salem, OR. Yep, right in his garage in 1969. After seeing the need for high-quality, innovative polymers within the coatings industry, Ray wanted to provide that need. Four years later, our first production building in Woodburn was built.

With the steady rise of market demand and progression of new production facilities, the expansion of research and development and warehouses soon followed. By 1999, we expanded in the East coast, and opened our Chester, SC production facility.

Today, Specialty Polymers has over 160 talented and dedicated employees. Our fearless leader, Ray’s daughter Sheryl Southwell now follows in Ray’s footprints and continues the success of Specialty Polymers. Our facilities now have 20 reactors, ranging from 30 to 6000 gallons, which can be heated or cooled for formulated products. Our total annual production capacity is north of 250 million lbs. and growing.