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ater-based polymer for your application. We’d love to take a swing.

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With over 50 years of innovation, Specialty Polymers has built a line up which includes more than 500 products. – but we’re never content to put custom chemistry on the back burner. Every day, we live our motto of being a different kind of polymer company. We create custom polymers tailored to fit your needs in a wide variety of markets, substrates, and enterprising customers – customers intent on creating more competitive, cost-effective, and eco-friendly products.

We match our passion for innovation with a culture of collaboration that makes Specialty Polymers a pleasure to work with. Call us and let’s talk coatings.

Everything from the sampling process on up is so efficient at Specialty Polymers … and the prices are competitive, and I can buy in small quantities. I can’t stress how important to my business that is.

Alex Arrache, Owner – Premier Finishes

 When we call Specialty for technical help, the people we talk to know what the heck we are talking about, they know what the downstream use is… it just saves us a lot of time and frustration.

Steve Serra, VP Production & Distribution – Miller Paint

Flexibility… Specialty Polymers gives me a product and I say, “This is an amazing product but if it was just a little harder or a little softer,” and next thing I know, I have a sample of a product that is exactly that. 

Alex Arrache, Owner – Premier Finishes

We mastered the chemistry so we can customize just for you.